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Homage to a Black Woman's Success

Women’s History Month reminds us of how far we have come in society. It is a tribute to a

multitude of accomplishments, advancements, and triumphs spanning centuries. A testament to the hard work, courage, bravery, and unending patience it took to achieve greatness. I believe it is important to honor the mothers, sisters, wives, business owners, scientists, doctors, and so many more who have paved the way for our present and future victories. We revere the pioneers of glory, who have elevated our status in a society that has consistently sought to devalue us, especially women of color.

It is an undeniable fact that women have the power and capabilities to bring success to anything they are set on. This Women’s History Month, I would like to honor an exemplary model of this excellence, specifically as a woman of color. Fawn Weaver, a best-selling author, who became an entrepreneur at 18, and is now 45 years old the co-founder of Uncle Nearest’s Distillery and founder of Nearest Green Foundation. Featured on Forbes, Fortune, and the New York Times, Weaver has gained prestige as the first African American and woman to own and establish a successful liquor distillery for whisky.

Expressed by Weaver herself, “I think that we did something that hadn’t been tried before, which was to essentially say, listen, what we’re making is good enough for everyone and we want to bring everyone to the table. . .and we’ve seen a great deal of success, I believe, because of that.” She is a visionary who has truly established her place at the top.

Along with the distillery and foundation, Weaver has expanded her brand in less than two years

into all 50 states and over 12 countries, having created the best-selling African American spirit. Fawn Weaver built her empire in honor of the original African American Whisky distiller “Uncle” Nearest Green, earning him the recognition he had long since deserved from teaching Jack Daniels his craft.

However, what drove Weaver to the start of her most successful career endeavors? To provide insight, Fawn Weaver had no interest or experience in distilling liquor or anything in that manner, her journey started from an interesting story she had learned when she went to interview Nearest’s descendants for a book project in Tennessee. After learning the story of Nathan “Nearest” Green a former Tennessee slave, who never received his accolades for not only being the first African American Master distiller on record in the United States but for teaching Jack Daniels (as known the most sought-after brand of whiskey) his trade in the first place. Weaver brought to light the unacknowledged history of how the Jack Daniels brand came to be in the first place. That was what inspired her to pursue this project.

Now for 8 years, she has been working closely with her all-women team as she continues to expand her brand and she is excited to see how things will continue to grow. Seeing how far Fawn Weaver has excelled truly compels you to understand just how much women, especially those of color push forward; one woman took a simple story forgotten in history and brought to life a legacy that will now continue to grow exponentially. It is significant every time we see another instance of women opening doors of opportunity in areas no one would think to see a woman in, and it is a sincere hope to see this success continue as we pay homage to those who have not only brought us here, but those who will continue to bring us forward.

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