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About Crowned International

At Crowned International, we are dedicated to empowering black women globally, fostering leadership, mentorship, and positive change in communities. Through our transformative programs, we aim to create a nurturing platform for growth, advocating for equality, and amplifying the voices of black women leaders.

Our Mission

To empower and uplift black women worldwide, fostering leadership, mentorship, and positive change in communities.

Our Values

We value empowerment, inclusivity, and authentic leadership, championing the voices of black women to drive positive change and uplift communities worldwide.

Our Vision

 A world where black women are empowered, celebrated, and leading with confidence, igniting a movement of strong leaders, and driving transformative change in their communities.



Making Change Possible

Elizabeth Delouis, the visionary behind Crowned International, holds a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, a Master of Science Degree in Human Services, and a Women's Entrepreneurship Certificate. Drawing on her extensive background in mental health and human services, she currently serves as a dedicated full-time clinical care manager, offering crucial support to vulnerable populations. Elizabeth's commitment extends beyond her professional role, as she actively engages with her church and local community, assuming various roles such as minister, youth leader, and mentor.

In 2019, Elizabeth embarked on a mission to establish Crowned International, an organization dedicated to empowering women of color through transformative initiatives encompassing education, mentorship, and empowerment programs. The driving force behind her endeavors is the firm belief in the power of empowerment, breaking negative cycles, and cultivating a sense of sisterhood within the community. By providing safe spaces for personal growth, celebration, and upliftment, Elizabeth strives to facilitate healing and purpose among the women she serves.


Where Passion and Dedication Meet

Our Board

Edeline Turlias

Edeline Turlias

Financial Officer

Edeline holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business administration from Rutgers University and currently works as a Daycare director for the township of Union. She also serves on the ministry team as a youth leader, bible school teacher, and worship leader. She is passionate about education, and empowering youth and enjoys the arts, drawing, and singing.


Tamara Duchard

Board Secretary

Tamara is a public school teacher with a Master's Degree in Counseling from Liberty University. She is passionate about leadership, teaching and empowering the community.

5_9_2021, 11_30_46 PM.jpeg

Latoya Robinson

Board Vice President and Mentoring Director

Latoya holds a Master's Degree in Social Work with a concentration in Advanced Clinical Social Work Practice. Latoya dedicates her time to helping children, youth, and families throughout the northern New Jersey area. She serves as the mentoring program director for Crowned International. Latoya also serves in ministry as a youth leader and praise team leader. She is passionate about empowering young minds and making a lasting impact in the community.

Group of Black Women in Living Room

Our Team

The Faces of Our Organization

Our team at Crowned International is a passionate group of individuals committed to empowering black women and driving transformative change. Join us today as a volunteer or mentor, and be part of our inspiring journey to make a difference.


Carrine Seance

Event Coordinator

Moody Thelisma_edited.jpg

Moody Thelisma

Prayer Leader


Lynn Jean Louis

Public Relations Coordinator

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