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A Leader Crowned

When I think about black women in leadership, I am often at a loss for words because I never thought about what something like this meant to me. It never occurred to me that all the books I read, and movies I watched barely had anything that represented me. There were never any strong or important women of color who were leads. It was not until I was older that I started questioning why. Now much later, I recognize the importance of seeing more black women in leadership roles, and what it is I hope to see for one in the future.

When I envision a black woman in power, I see a role model who will set an example for this generation of young black girls and women and pave the way for the next to come. I see a woman, who becomes a voice for all those unheard and unseen. Most importantly, a leader who will forge a path of excellence, achievement, and greatness for the community of black women and young black girls. This is the future I envision when I think about black women in leadership.

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