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Our Programs

Discover our diverse range of empowering programs at Crowned International, designed to uplift black women, foster leadership skills, and promote positive change. From our Mentorship Program to the Crowned Leadership Academy, each initiative aims to nurture personal and professional growth.

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Crowned Mentorship

Our Crowned mentorship program is a 6-month program that prepares young girls ages 13-18 to meet the challenges of young adulthood through a coordinated, progressive series of high-quality activities and learning experiences that help mentees achieve social, emotional, spiritual, and psychosocial well-being. 

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Crowned Leadership Academy

The Crowned Leadership Academy is a transformative program designed to build exceptional leadership capabilities, leveraging one's unique traits as powerful tools for success. Participants will develop skills in community leadership, interpersonal interactions, and relationship-building, while creating personalized development plans to achieve their goals. Join a community of like-minded women from diverse backgrounds, all seeking to add value and empower one another.

Leadership Academy
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Our coaching program is a complimentary 1:1 consultation offered to all Crowned International participants who desire to seek a thought partner to discuss and develop an action plan for challenges related to their personal life, professional life, finances, business, family and relationships.

two black women having a conversation
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